I thought the emphasis on the 99% was the better focusing point than the ambition of occupying a street or bank or whatever. I get the strategic engagement of these occupation protests, how they force the story and provide a template for different cities to riff off. But aside from the connotations of occupation (do you really want to be an occupier?), I don’t like how it has sort of boxed activists into one form of protest. I’m oversimplifying and I haven’t participated in any of these protests, so maybe I’m missing something.

I know I’m missing something.

I’m just saying 99% is almost scary in its genius.  Occupy? Dunno about that.


Update: I didn’t mention the port shutdowns yesterday but they were in the back of my mind–like the longshoreman I heard on the radio complaining about the protestors protesting on his behalf. Salon’s Andrew Leonard follows that thread:

The problem however, with attempting to target the 1 percent with a port shutdown is that the 1 percent are the best situated to ride out any extended shutdown.



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