I passed on the Saints game today (and I won the championship of the Displaced Aggression fantasy football league, thank you very much) and instead caught The Perfect Gentlemen SA&PC parade in the person of Travis Lyons, then biked down to the French Quarter to visit with B2L2’s John Hicks. He sneakily included me in one of his “self” portraits.

Dedra made a fantastic New Year’s meal of black eyed peas, corn fritters and Asian cole slaw. Although it was almost unsettling how warm it was today (70+ on Jan. 1, what’s Aug. 1 going to be like?), it was one of those days when you’re inclined to say “It’s good to be alive” and you can never have too many of those.

Derek Bridges lives in New Orleans, trading in words and pictures. A carpetbagger of long standing, he grew up in the top right corner of IL and later went to college in the middle cornfield part. He has also lived in MS and FL, for educational purposes only, and was diasporized for a time in TX.

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