That’s the bullet hole in the support pillar of our neighbor’s porch. The bullet ripped through there September 26, 2010, immediately after Jeremy Galmon, a toddler, was shot a block and a half up the street. The shooters were trying to get these guys, spraying bullets over several city blocks. Only Dalmon got hit.

Below is a GigaPan image I made that pans from the hole in the neighbor’s support pillar (left) for about 180 degrees to the hole where the bullet embedded in the side of our other neighbor’s house (right) after it passed through the air space of our front porch (middle). It’s 40 images that have been stitched together.

Update: Not an isolated incident.


Derek Bridges lives in New Orleans, trading in words and pictures. A carpetbagger of long standing, he grew up in the top right corner of IL and later went to college in the middle cornfield part. He has also lived in MS and FL, for educational purposes only, and was diasporized for a time in TX.

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