Aerialist dynasty scion Nik Wallenda has just tightrope-walked across Niagara Falls from the United States to Canada. The Internet was mildly impressed. But moreso than the danger of the feat, what worried Twitter wags was the status of Wallenda’s papers. Here’s a sample of tweets — a small sample — on the subject.


Albert Brooks@AlbertBrooks

Good luck to wire walker Wallenda going across Niagara Falls. Pulling out the passport is really, really hard.


WIVB News 4 Buffalo@news4buffalo

Wallenda just crossed the international line. Hope he remembered his passport! #WallendaWalk


Morgan Campbell@MorganPCampbell

RT @TashaunaR: So wait, does Wallenda have to go through customs? #justsayin


Debbie Trenholm@savvydebbie

Too funny! Did he pack his passport? RT @gngreen: Welcome to Canada, Mr. Wallenda. Anything to declare? #WalkTheWire



No border control for Nick Wallenda – they get the passport later!? #walkthewire


Jordan Bond@j007

He really does have his Passport!! #Wallenda #Niagara


Brandy Lee@BrandyLeexo

Okay he has his passport, good for you nick, you go Wallenda .

Brandon Schuster@brandonwrites

Welcome to Canada, #Wallenda. Glad to hear that you have your passport on you! #WalkTheWire



Wallenda officially in Canada – and he brought his passport

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