stop work order

I snapped this picture of a Department of Safety & Permits Stop Work Order posted on a house a block away from ours. I’d never seen such an order before, despite one being issued on my next door neighbor’s house earlier this year. I remember when that Stop Work Order was posted, Dr. Jared Munster, Director of Safety & Permits, explained in an email that what mattered most was not the removal of the order but the halting of the illegal construction work:

The Order is supposed to remain posted on the property until the issue is resolved, but people often take them down and bring them to City Hall when they come to remedy the issue. As long as work does not continue it’s not particularly a problem that the notice is not posted on the structure.

That’s all fine and good, and I have no problem with how Dr.  Munster and his department have handled my neighbor’s illegal work, at least so far, but if it really doesn’t matter if someone rips down a Stop Work Order, how come the only words in the entire order that are in boldface and IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS say the opposite? The boldface and ALL CAPS are for de-emphasis?

stop work detail


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