Near Saratoga and and Seventh streets in Central City it can get a little desolate. There’s a couple adjacent blocks dominated by cemeteries and lots of blighted housing and cement and little shade. There’s been some effort at whimsical public art, which I appreciate, and the area is dotted with sleek, modern-looking houses. On Saratoga there’s also a “Green lot,” “a vacant land demonstration project” by the Jericho Road Episcopal Housing Initiative in conjunction with the Tulane City Center. I take it that it’s meant to serve as a model for other vacant, overgrown lots.

The green lot creates “an edge around the site to give it a sense of ownership,” rebuilds “the urban tree canopy along street edges and in areas that may shade a future building,” all the while leaving the interior of the lot clear for future development. Further, ground cover is established to prevent soil erosion and/or prevent drainage problems.

Unfortunately, someone saw fit to dispose of a mattress on the pristine lot.


Derek Bridges lives in New Orleans, trading in words and pictures. A carpetbagger of long standing, he grew up in the top right corner of IL and later went to college in the middle cornfield part. He has also lived in MS and FL, for educational purposes only, and was diasporized for a time in TX.

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