All of the closets in our house have sliding mirrored doors. We’ve never liked them–really, we’ve hated them–and on Sunday I began to take action, taking them out of our daughter’s closet and left them at the curb in front of our house.

It rained for a few hours and I noticed nobody had taken the doors away. Usually, whenever we want to get rid of something, like a piece of furniture or some broken appliance, a few hours later some guy in a truck will come by and take it away. So I propped one of the mirrored doors against a garbage can, so it would catch the eye of someone driving by. Sure enough, a guy in an ice cream truck, creepy music and all, passed by once, slowly, then went around the block and stopped at our driveway on his second pass. “You getting rid of these?


“You really don’t want them? You’re throwing them away?”

“Yeah, go ahead, you can have them.”

“I have a music studio and we put mirrors all around it because the girls like to dance in front of them.”

“Well, okay then, I’m glad they’ll be helping people have fun.”


He loaded the mirrors into his van, then sold a couple boys Drumstick ice cream cones.

Derek Bridges lives in New Orleans, trading in words and pictures. A carpetbagger of long standing, he grew up in the top right corner of IL and later went to college in the middle cornfield part. He has also lived in MS and FL, for educational purposes only, and was diasporized for a time in TX.

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